The submission

The concept of submission is, in theory, a sexual practice in which the male or female submissive gives all the power to the dominant figure, it is considered one of the most extreme sexual practices in modern times.

The submission is the most wanted category by the male audience that is part of the BDSM (bondage, discipline, domination, sadomasochism). According to recent scientific studies done between adult males, submission is one of the top fantasies that both men and woman want to experience. The best seller from the romantic-erotic style, published by the British writer E.L. James called 50 shades of Grey shoot a huge phenomenon between the female audiences. These girls identified themselves with Anastasia Steel, and they were also attracted to the story and these kinds of practices.

The previously established roles, give sexual gratification mainly to the “master”. He is the one who sets the rules, in every moment, he is the one who is in total control of the situation, ordering and punishing the slave, and she can not argue his commands in any way. In the heterosexual couples the women are mainly the ones who take the punishment from the dominant.

You must consider there are different kinds or levels of submission. But it doesn’t matter if you are the dominant or the submissive, it is important you clarify the limits with your partner.

  1. No submissive. The people under this category don’t accept humiliation, abandonment, or servitude; they just enjoy the pleasure generated by pain. They are not looking for their dominant to enjoy it.
  2. Pseudo- submissive: this kind of submissive enjoys the game through specific fetishes like costumes, erotic games as common as the teacher student, in which the game is linked to humiliation but not servitude.
  3. Pseudo-submissive slave: in this situation the slave position comes into directly. The submissive enjoys being a sexual object to his dominant, fulfilling the sadist desires of his master.
  4. The submissive. The individual gives up the total control of him/herself temporally, reaching complete satisfaction being used by his dominant, in general lines the fore play begins filled with suspense and vulnerability.
  5. None committed submissive. This kind of submission changes according to the submissive mood. He can offer his services to the dominant half time or full time but he has the choice of leaving the situation when he or she decides to.
  6. Partial time submissive. This person has a true commitment to a real relation master/salve. He or she considers itself as an object whose owner is the dominant. He/she pleases his master in every aspect of their life, it doesn’t matter if those are erotic or not. They can share their time between their master services, but they also can dedicate some time to their personal activities.
  7. Full time submissive. In this kind of submission the slave lives just for the demands and enjoyment of the dominant. This is consented, and they openly know the possible risks of giving someone else the power over their lives.
  8. Full time and no limits submissive. This submissive gives themselves as a whole to their dominant. They will do anything his master asks them. It doesn’t matter, if they like it of feel completely comfortable with the request. Here they don’t evaluate the possible risk, how much can this affect the submissive and they don’t negotiate any of the terms, in other words it is not consented.

The use of sex toys is vital in this kind of practices; the punishments are done with erotic toys. The most common toys used are handcuffs, whips, and rope to restrain the partner’s movement (bondage) everything done is accomplished with the submissive consent.

What is really important in these games is the provocation, when the submissive is blindfolded, her other senses are boosted and the dominant will make her experience more extreme through caresses, whipping and sounds. The submissive is aware and sensitive to each movement. That is the reason why here you will find some submission games you can practice and make your imagination run free all your senses. If you’re looking for an independent escort London, Valerie August is a highly skilled expert in all aspects of BDSM – including Domination and submission.

One of the most common practices is the use of handcuffs, when the submissive is tied up to the bed her brain releases hormones like dopamine, serotonin and in some cases adrenaline is released too. This adrenaline is the one that causes the visual expectation from having all served for him. The use of accessories will stop the submissive from escaping from the caresses and the pleasure.

The combination of handcuffs and blindfolding generates between the dominants the practice of spanking. In general they use whips and floggers made of leather or latex. With these tools the submissive can be spanked in any sensitive area of the body like the buttocks, the genital area and even the face generating huge sensations and pleasure.

The gag is one of the favorite toys in this practice, this doesn’t allow the submissive to shallow its own saliva. This also affects the submissive breathing and the possibility of the submissive of making any sound. There are too many gag kinds on the sex shops, so the user will have to choose the one that best suits its needs and makes him feel comfortable. The erotic stores have evolved in the design and making of new toys and gags, there are some gags that are made of leather these are designed to stop the eyes from seeing, the speaking and some may include a suction bomb.

The nipples clamps are used as stimulation and a source of pleasure. They come alone in pairs or placed in leather or latex suits. These clamps are good to be used in the penis, the clitoris, the dick and the balls.

There are others couples who use plastic film to cover the body and restrain movement. But they have to take precautions to avoid dehydration.

Remember all these practices are supposed to be done with mutual consent, and respect for the partner, at the end what really matters is to enjoy greatly and safely.  


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In my own personal experience, there are many super easy and also legal ways in which you can go about finding kinky sex escorts in a way that is 100% within the confines of the law, on the internet, and the best of which is to go to a proper BDSM club, and to become a regular member, a somewhat time consuming process, however one that will pay off dividends over time with regards to your sex life, as most of the women in these BDSM clubs are more than willing to do just about anything that you could ever dream of and speaking from personal experience from here, I could tell you some sexual stories about BDSM clubs, that’s Bondage, Dominance, Submission, Masochism, clubs, that would make your jaw drop, but more on that later in the article. For now, here’s how you can find cheap and legal kinky sex escorts via online websites, brands and forums that talk about how to get the type of kinky sex that you want, and of how you can easily find legal escorts to fulfill your heart’s lustful and nasty sexual desires!

The Best BDSM Club Etiquette For Finding The Top Female Kinky Sex Escorts

So, here’s the gist of how to walk into a BDSM club and get some proper strange from a kinky sex escort the right way, without getting kicked out of the club, banned for life, and without having to file a restraining order against one of the people in there due to your own personal negligence. So, to start off, I know you’re joining the BDSM club in order to get some kinky strange, but for God sakes do no walk in there and think that it’s like a brothel, walking over to all the men or women in the club and asking them if they’d like to have sex with you, or attempting to grope or rape them, that’s not going to work, and the only strange that you’ll be getting out of that is a restraining order and a toss out of the club.

The best way to get some hot sex out of these clubs naturally is to walk in and talk to these people like they’re your friends, go in trying to make some friends in the game and not for just trying to get some sexual intercourse right away, the women will be a lot nicer to you if you’re not trying to constantly grope them and if you’re not being super aggressive, do not go into these clubs in a type of role play either, and instead be sure to simply walk in and talk to them like if you were trying to make friends in the BDSM scene, once you’ve got a good friend of the opposite or same sex, whatever floats your boat, that you can hang out with whenever you want, then you can quickly and easily play to fulfill your heart’s BDSM desires!

How Can I Get Into a BDSM Club In Order to Fulfill My Ravishing Sexual Desires?

There are usually forums online where you can sign up and become a member, and there is also typically a filing fee that they make you pay for becoming a member with an annual fee in order to keep your membership going. Aside from this, they will have you chat online with some of the people on your forum, possibly making some internet friends before you head into the club, and no one will ever push you to do anything that you don’t want to do. In my experience in BDSM clubs, even those that have kinky escorts within them, most of the people are very polite and friendly, and generally speaking are not even going to try and hit on your or get you to play with them if you’re not interested in it, as there is usually a minimum level of professionalism that the clubs need in order to be let in, let alone not kicked out. Being polite, being friendly, and simply trying to meet new members is always the way to go if you want kinky sex from a BDSM club, and it’s the best way to get laid over the long term.

How Much Does Membership into a Top BDSM Club Cost, and How Can I Get Into One Quickly?

Most of these clubs are going to be charging a standard up front fee, alongside an annual membership fee, and while I cannot give any specific dollar amounts as it varies highly from club to club, it’s never going to be anything crazy like a week’s pay at work, and is more than likely to be less than your grocery bill on a month to month basis. If you can find a good club, most are usually very affordable and high class with very polite and friendly people inside of them.

How Should I Behave For My First Bout into a BDSM Sex Club

Be friendly, be casual, try and meet new people and find out exactly who likes what, and most of all, find out who you may want to hang out with in the future, versus who is a little out of your comfort range.

Final Thoughts On how you can get super kinky sex from legal and super hot kinky sex escorts Via BDSM Clubs that Are 100% Within the confines of the law!

There are very often times kinky sex escorts at these clubs that you can party with for cheap and for free, and for the most part, they are going to give you a very good ride for whatever you end up giving them in return. Checkout the clubs in your area!